Business Alignment Reading (RECORDED)

Business Alignment Reading (RECORDED)

Ensure your business is aligned to YOUR optimal path to wealth.


This service encompasses an energetic analysis of your business to determine where realignment is required for you to meet your personal monthly income intentions. The reading will include an analysis of the following areas:


1. Products/Services
2. Marketing Efforts
3. Sales Efforts
4. Customers/Clients
5. Systems/Tools  
6. Those who work or consult for your company
7. Social Media


By taking the results from this analysis and applying corrective actions, you will increase your conversion percentage and start receiving more emails that say, "You Have a New Booking" or "You Have a New Order!"


I'm excited to partner with you - it's time for your financial portfolio to reflect your hard work!


NOTE: This service is completed in two parts. It's important to provide all requested information upon booking. I'll complete the initial analysis and if required, I will reach out with any follow up questions. Within 3 days, you will receive a copy of the video recording of the reading.

  • Provide the following information

    1. Current Legal Name (including middle name):
    2. Birth Name (including middle name):
    3. Date of Birth:
    4. City, State of Birth:
    5. Avg Income Per Month:
    6. Desired Profit (income after expenses) Per Month:
    7. Desired Timeframe to Achieve Financial Intentions (range: 1 wk - 6 months):
    8. Desired # of Hours Worked Per Week (range: 1 - 40 hrs):
    9. Tell Me About Your Business:
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